Food Storage Bags



In food Storage Bags weight loss is minimized, Moisture of the product is intact once the food storage bags are sealed. Rancidity is prevented in Food Storage Bags as oxygen and moisture keeps out. Product remains fresh, aromatic and maintain its color and texture when stored in Food Storage Bags. FDA and EU food grade compliance. So there is no problem in exporting in Europe or USA.
Commodity can be stored for very long time without the use of chemical and refrigeration. So it saves and money.

Good packaging not only provides convenient handling in transportation and storage but also attracts consumer to pay more. To avoid spoilage and to prolong the quality of the food products, packaging is the main essential. As the packages should be free from insect infestation, fungus contamination, deleterious substances and undesirable or obnoxious smell, Storezo Grain Shield Bags provide premium quality food storage bags, which has the quality to sustain these conditions with the oxygen absorbers inside which helps in absorbing the oxygen resulting it in keeping it free from the above substances. These bags are available in mainly three sizes including

  • 650 mm x 1100 mm
  • 750 mm x 1300 mm
  • 750 mm x 1500 mm

Our food storage bags have the quality to meet all the standards for storage and export as they are made up of Ultra High Barrier Speciality Blend of Polymers and LDPE as inner liner, which is water resistant and gas tight qualities helps in create modified atmosphere inside the bag. These bags are used as inner liner for jute bags or ordinary sacks. These bags have the capacity to increase the shelf life of the commodities. Our bags have the capacity to keep your product fresh, aromatic, colour, texture and quality is maintained. These food storage bags are used for the storage various types of commodities such as

  • All types of beans
  • Paddy
  • Millet
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Green coffee beans

Earlier it was difficult to protect the commodities from heavy rainfall and spring flood, but now our food storage bags meet all the standards of the new technology. No danger of all these issues to happen as these bags come with food packaging material, which has immense power to stop the moisture to enter inside the bags. These superior quality food storage bags have a tendency to store commodities at or below safe moisture content for prolonged period without the risks of moisture intrusion, parasites infestation and fungal growth.

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