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Storezo is a company which has come up with something fruitfull for the farmers. Storezo Grain Shield Bags will bring revolution all over the world with its safe storage of grains, beans and spices. In this developing world Storezo Grain Shield Hermetic Bags are now used in over 100 countries. Storezo would help in bringing the revolution in the field of storage and public health would be maintained as earlier some of the countries use to suffer from malnutrition.

The hardworking paid off inspite of having many challenges coming in our way and finally we came up with these grain shield bags which will improve the shelf life of the grains, beans, spices and nuts.

Storezo was founded in United Kingdom, London in 1991. Storezo provides with the best quality of storage bags which is safe and it provides airtight storage across the world. It is very useful in the regions having hot and humid climates. Storezo is targeting the areas around the world which are suffering from mal nutrition as some of the foods are not able to reach some countries.

With These Storezo Grain Shield Bags the health of the people around the world will improve and it will increase the income of the farmers. Earlier farmers use to suffer a big loss as oxygen and moisture level use to penetrate in old gunny bags resulting in the spoilage of grains.


Keeping the health of the people around the world Storezo products helps in preventing the mycotoxins and aflatoxins. These mycotoxin (a toxic substance by fungal growth) and aflatoxins (toxic compounds produced by moulds) affect negatively on the immune system of the human body which leads to a risks of liver and kidney damage, HIV infections and it also raises the rates of cancer. With these toxins the health is affected globally.

To improve the health Storezo came up with the concept of Grain Shield Hermetic Bags where the bags work as a shield to protect the grains, beans, spices and nuts from moisture and oxygen so the quality, aroma, taste and texture is maintained.


Storezo’s Grain Shield Bags provides with the long and medium storage which is safe without having the risks of fungal growth, pest infestation. This helps in cutting the cost and the risks which farmer had earlier with the old gunny bags. Without using the harmful chemicals the worst insect infestations, fungal growth, mycotoxins everything are controlled as there is no oxygen and moisture content left in the bags.

Storezo brings the solution of storing the grains with these Grain Shield Bags which has a capability of storing grains from 60kgs. These bags work as the airtight inner liners which protect the grains of the farmer which comes from all over the world helping in safe and affordable storage for upto more than one year.